Earl Strickland 2023: Net Worth, Career Earnings, Salary, And wife

One of the most famous and divisive pool players ever is Earl Strickland. He is a nine-ball legend, a game that calls for strength, accuracy, and nerve. He has won three world titles and more than 100 championships. The net worth, salary, and earnings of Earl Strickland will be examined in this article.

Concerning Earl Strickland

On June 8, 1961, Earl Strickland was born in Roseboro, North Carolina. He was the son of Mary Strickland, a housewife, and Earl Strickland Sr., a farmer and pool player. Both his sisters and brothers were present. He learned how to play pool in a nearby tavern while growing up in a small town.

At age 17, he went pro and soon rose to prominence in the pool community. He was renowned for his decisive breaks, deft cue ball handling, and assertive demeanor. He earned the moniker “The Pearl” for his seamless execution. He was also known as “The Earl of Pool” due of his strength and prowess.
Early Years Strickland experienced a difficult upbringing in North Carolina. His family was indigent and had a hard time making ends meet. He had to deal with prejudice and violence from neighboring ethnic groups. He also had a competitive and rebellious mentality,

which frequently landed him into trouble.

He began going there frequently and quickly mastered the game. At age 15, he played in his first competition, winning $500. He then made the decision to leave home and seek a career in pool.
He traveled the nation competing in challenge matches and playing against regional champions. He gained a reputation for being a strong foe and having a self-assured demeanor.
Professional Experience From 1978 to the present, Strickland’s career has been active. He won the US Open Nine-ball Championship in 1983, which was his first major victory. In 1985, he went on to win the World Nine-Ball Championship, which was his first major victory.

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In 1990, he won the global Pool Championship for his second global championship. In addition, he won the US Open Nine-ball Championship five times (1984, 1987, 1993, 1997, and 2000) and the World Pool Masters twice (1991 and 1997).
When Strickland won his third World Nine-ball Championship in 2002, his career reached its pinnacle. In a thrilling match, he prevailed over Francisco Bustamante 17-15 in the championship.
As of 2023, Strickland’s career is still active. He continues to compete in pool tournaments around the world.

Earnings and Net Worth of Earl Strickland

The profits and net worth of Earl Strickland are not made public. His estimated net worth as of 2023, however, is approximately $10 million, according to certain estimations. This is based on his prize money from competitions, sponsorship endorsements, and other sources of revenue.
When he won the global nine-ball and US Open nine-ball crowns in 2002, he made almost $300,000.

Individual Details

Total Name
Strickland, Earl
born on 8 June 1961
place of birth Roseboro, North Carolina
age 61 as in the year 2023
height of 180 cm, or 5′ 11″
existing tour
Major World Pool Association Title
three times champion of the world in nine-ball
estimated $10 million in net worth
Highest Position No. 1 (several times)
Status of Relationship: Single Wife
N/A Twitter ID @earlstrickland1 Instagram ID @earlstricklandofficial


Earl Strickland does not currently have a wife and has never been married. Throughout his life, he has had a number of girlfriends, but none of them persisted long enough to become his wife.


As of April 2023, Earl Strickland will be 61 years old.
dimensions and weight
Earl Strickland is approximately 170 pounds and 5 feet 11 inches tall.
Work Statistics

Event Year Result

Winner of the 1996 PCA $1,000,000 Challenge and the 1996 International Challenge of Champions

Winner of the 1997 World Pool Championship alongside Johnny Archer
Winner of the 2000 US Open One Pocket Championship
Winner of the 2001 World Pool Championship and the 2002 World Pool Championship
2003 World Pool Championship Champion (with Rodney Morris)
Winner of the 2004 US Open One Pocket Championship
2005 World Pool Masters Champion; 2006 BCA Hall of Fame Inductee

2010 runner-up in the World Pool Masters

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