“Transforming Cricketing Pathways: Empowering Youth through MCC Foundation’s Program”

The MCC Foundation, also known as the Marylebone Cricket Club Foundation, is the charitable arm of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), which is the world’s most famous cricket club. The MCC Foundation is dedicated to using cricket as a tool for positive social change. It aims to provide opportunities, promote diversity and inclusion, and support cricket development at various levels, particularly among young and disadvantaged individuals.

One of the prominent initiatives of the MCC Foundation is the establishment of cricket hubs across the UK. These hubs provide training, coaching, and opportunities for young cricketers, helping them develop their skills and potentially pursue careers in cricket. The hubs also have a strong emphasis on inclusivity, providing equal opportunities for boys and girls from diverse backgrounds.

Overall, the MCC Foundation’s mission is to use cricket’s popularity and values to inspire positive change and empower individuals, communities, and societies.

Focus on talent development: 

The MCC Foundation’s cricket program aims to increase student interest in cricket while giving gifted players the chance to achieve district and county youth age group requirements.

Open Trials: 

Boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 15 who are nominated by their school or non-county cricket club are invited to participate in open trials. Participants must not currently be a member of the county squad.

MCC Foundation Cricket Hub for Suffolk: 

The only MCC Foundation Cricket Hub for the area is located at Framlingham College in Suffolk. Norwich, Cambridge, and Essex are three further close centres.

Comprehensive preparation: 

For selected players, the program provides a 10-week period of intense indoor cricket preparation. Top-notch instructors are using MCCF facilities to conduct this instruction, which is given for free.

Elite Coaching: 

At Framingham College, the chosen players can participate in a 10-session, 1.5-hour per week winter training program. Chris Gange, a Level 3 Coach, a current elite-level player for the MCC, and the head of physical education at Framlingham College, is a member of the coaching staff.

Empowering Cricketing Futures:

Over 2400 participants in 55 programs around the nation have been influenced by the MCCF Hub initiative. Numerous individuals have advanced to play for district, county, and neighborhood cricket teams.

Positive Impact: 

With 46% of pupils reporting insufficient access to cricket, the program addresses the shortage of possibilities in schools. 95% of participants claim that hub training significantly improved their cricketing abilities.

Boosted Self-Confidence: 

According to 81% of parents who responded to the survey, the hub training improved their kids’ self-confidence.


A staggering 97% of responders said that the hub training increased their desire to keep playing cricket.

Inclusive Approach: 

The MCC Foundation is committed to fostering diversity in cricket and seeks to reach the underserved and offer opportunities regardless of gender or background.

Female Empowerment: 

By encouraging camaraderie and providing uniform training, the program has empowered female cricketers. By giving all participants equal training opportunities, it overcomes gender discrepancies.

Personal Aspirations: 

Participants like Amelia talked about how the MCCF Hub encouraged them to aim higher; some even wanted to play for England in the sport.

The foundation runs various programs and initiatives that focus on improving lives through cricket. These programs often include coaching, training, equipment provision, and support for underprivileged communities, schools, and individuals who might not otherwise have access to the sport. The MCC Foundation works to harness the power of cricket to create positive impacts on education, health, social integration, and more.

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