How to avoid a Swift rejection Toronto tickets to see Taylor? Update

On Saturday, August 1, 2015, Taylor Swift performs in Vancouver, British Columbia as part of her 1989 World Tour. It’s not surprising that many Canadian fans are hoping their luck will be in as ticket sales start on Wednesday for a Taylor Swift concert because getting tickets can feel like winning the lottery. By Jonathan Hayward for THE CANADIAN PRESS

It’s not surprising that many Canadian fans are hoping for good luck as ticket sales start on Wednesday. Getting tickets to a Taylor Swift concert can feel like winning the lottery.

The pop icon revealed six concert dates at Toronto’s Rogers Centre for November 2024 last week. Additionally, because it is the only Canadian stop on her Eras Tour, tickets to the performances are sure to be in high demand. As the ticket sales start, take note of the following

You must be registered

You ought to have signed up for the “verified fan” sale if you wanted to buy Swift tickets right away.

The registration process was introduced by Ticketmaster to screen out bots and scalpers, but the sign-up period expired over the weekend. Concertgoers who registered before the cutoff date will receive a special access code on Tuesday with instructions on how to buy tickets, but this does not guarantee that they will get a good seat.

Presale times are staggered

The technological issues that ruined some of Taylor Swift’s previous tour stops when a throng of fans overloaded their systems are not something that Ticketmaster is hoping to see happen again.

The release for the Toronto dates spreads sales for the six Rogers Centre performances over three days in an effort to manage volume. November 14 and 15, 2024, are the first two dates that go on sale on Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET and 1 p.m., respectively. The following dates go on sale in pairs throughout Thursday and Friday.

There are further ticket outlets.

There will be at least one further opportunity to purchase Swift tickets once “verified” fans have first dibs on them. Members of Avion Rewards who use Royal Bank receive their own sales window for a constrained amount of tickets.

Seven days after each of the confirmed fan sale dates, those windows open. Registration for Avion ends on Tuesday.

Expect no public auction

It’s common for musicians to ultimately start selling tickets to the general public, but it’s possible that Swift won’t. Last year, after Swift demand caused the Ticketmaster website to crash, the corporation canceled the public sale, claiming demand that “could have filled 900 stadiums.” It has not yet made any plans public about the sale of the Toronto dates.

The asking price is not the sales price.

It’s practically a given that some people would try to resell Swift tickets as soon as they are in the public’s possession at astronomical markups. This implies that a ticket with an initial price of a few hundred dollars might potentially list for thousands.

Performing just two concerts in Colorado increased the state’s GDP by US$140 million for the entire year, according to a Common Sense Institute analysis.

According to the study, Taylor Swift’s entire U.S. tour may result in consumer spending of $4.6 billion, which is more than the GDP of 35 nations.

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