LoL Pro Gamer Faker 2023: Net Worth, Salary, and Earnings

One of the all-time greatest League of Legends players is Faker, as is common knowledge. In terms of esports, he is somewhat comparable to Lionel Messi in the football world. He is the only gamer to have won the LoL Worlds tournament three times, as well as the MSI tournament twice, and the LCK a whopping ten times. We can see that Faker is a true pro gaming legend when you consider all of this and the fact that he won IEM and Rift Rivals.

Of fact, even legendary performers like Faker may have come from modest beginnings. On May 7, 1996, Lee Sang-hyeok was born in Seoul, South Korea. Faker shown a keen interest in this from an early age.

What is Faker’s source of income?

Esports is a genuine phenomena in the entertainment industry, and it’s not uncommon to see the highest-paid players obtaining their income from a variety of sources. Here’s how being one of the finest League of Legends streamers helped Faker’s net worth grow to be so astounding.

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It’s encouraging to see some gamers generating income from their actual play. The Faker net worth seems a little more closely tied to genuine esports than the Sssniperwolf net worth, though we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with making money from stuff like prank videos and TikTok challenges.

Of all, professional gamers like Faker can only maintain such a high level of competition for so long. This suggests that in the upcoming years, Faker will likely start to move away from the gaming industry and into other sectors of the business. All of this can significantly affect the Faker’s net worth. Keep checking back for updates to learn more about


Every year, Faker makes almost $2 million. His primary source of revenue as an esports athlete is through his gameplay. He also receives compensation through Twitch, YouTube, and endorsements.

What does Faker earn per month?

Falsely claims to be. $8.4k from Twitch each month

Falsely claims to be. $19.5k from YouTube each month

Falsely claims to be. $12k monthly from LoL competitions

Falsely claims to be. $483,3000 from his T1 income per month

In total, Faker generates an estimated $522k USD each month (or $6.2 million yearly) through League of Legends competitions, YouTube uploads, Twitch broadcasts, and membership in T1.

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