Unleashing Cricketing Potential: MCC Foundation’s Empowering Pathways For Young Players

Free cricket instruction provided by the MCC Foundation to facilitate talent development

The MCC Foundation’s (MCCF) cricket program aims to increase interest in cricket among students in public schools and provide opportunities for talented players to meet district and county youth age group criteria. Trials are scheduled for November 29.

Suffolk’s MCC Foundation Cricket Hub

In January 2021, Framlingham College will serve as the Suffolk location for the sole MCC Foundation Cricket Hub. The hubs that are most nearby are in Norwich, Cambridge, and Essex. 

To open up access to the talent paths and ensure that every young person, regardless of gender or background, can attain their full potential in the game, this will provide 10 weeks of intense indoor cricket training conducted using their coaches and facilities for free. 

Framlingham College Hosts Open

On Sunday, November 29, at Framlingham College, the Foundation will offer open trials for boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 15 who have been nominated by either their school or non-county cricket club. The kids must not be a part of the county squad right now.

Selected Players

Following the trial, 20–24 players from each age group will be chosen, and they will have access to a 10-session, 1.5-hour-per-week winter program at Framlingham College with top-tier coaches like Chris Gange, Level 3 Coach, current elite-level player for the MCC, and Head of PE at Framlingham College.

Empowering Cricketing Futures

In 2019, more than 2400 players were involved in the MCCF Hub initiative, which currently supports 55 MCCF Hub programs around the country. Many of these participants went on to play for district and county sides as well as develop into cherished and ardent members of their local cricket clubs. 

In their school, 46% of students claimed they had little to no opportunities to play cricket. 

95 percent claimed that the hub training has improved their cricketing.

According to 81% of parents, going to the hub has helped their kids’ self-confidence. 

97% of respondents indicated the hub had enhanced their desire to continue playing cricket. 

“We want to reach the unreached and provide opportunities where they are most needed,” the MCC Foundation declares. It has been a great experience to train at the hub. You probably wouldn’t find another opportunity like this anywhere else.

Empowering Female Cricketers through MCCF Hub

I believed I was the only girl who enjoyed cricket until lately, but thanks to the Hub, I got to know others. I also appreciated that we received uniform training. Because we don’t bowl as quickly as the boys, ladies typically don’t receive the same level of training. Amelia, a participant at the MCCF Hub, said.

The Hub gave me inspiration. I want to represent England, and the coaches have been really supportive. 

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